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Wondering how to solve a challenging management issue, humanize your workplace™ or keep your team motivated? Do you ever feel like you're running a pre-school, not a professional department or firm?  Maybe you're an employee or job seeker looking for advice from peers or managers. If so, you've come to the right place. Lynn is the founder of Lynn Taylor Consulting and this community forum. She is the author of the best-selling Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT): How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job (John Wiley & Sons) Order here: Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Post a comment with your story and/or Q, and she'll try her best to address it! in an upcoming blog or article.

6 Ways That Employees Manage Up with a Bad Boss

28December 2015

An employee who’s managing up is a proactive problem solver using diplomacy and people skills to help you, the boss, see the big picture. Meet them halfway—the New Year is the perfect time to make sure good cheer carries over into 2016. In my recent article on PsychologyToday.com I describe 6 ways to manage up […]

Overcoming the Biggest Workplace Challenge

12December 2015

Managing Up With Bad Bosses, Tough Coworker and Clients is a Win-Win Working with challenging behavior, be it bad bosses, challenging coworkers or clients, takes a lot of diplomacy; the ability to see the backstory before reacting; and setting boundaries when necessary. Managing up techniques can result in a much better work life, for everyone. […]

Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

5December 2015

The Test That Really Matters “Boss” is a word that has so many negative connotations, people sometimes forget “good bosses” even exist. No-one is going to make a movie called “Wonderful Bosses” anytime soon, or remake “The Office” with Tom Hanks as a team leader that’s just so darn loveable. Anybody who has dealt with […]

Handle A Bad Boss Like a Pro

29October 2015

(Even If He Hates You) You’ve heard the phrase, “When the going get’s tough, the tough get going.” Well that applies to managing up with a tough boss. Don’t just sit there. This is your opportunity to take the high road and role model good behavior (assuming, of course that your boss’s behavior is tolerable […]

The Money Talk

23September 2015

The interviews went well; you like the applicant – he seems to have been born for the job. Now there comes a point in the application process where you are going to tell him how much you actually like him – through the numbers of his proposed salary. If the prospective employee is happy with […]

A Match Made In Heaven?

8September 2015

There is a certain important aspect of a job interview that is not getting proper attention. It is something that will have the most profound impact on the prospective employee’s career and their productivity – yet it is often neglected. I’m talking about boss-employee compatibility. It’s true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. […]

How Do You Cope with Annoying Co-Workers?

11July 2015

There is an important corollary to the phrase “It takes all kinds to make a world”: some of those “kinds” are not always easy to be around. If the micro-world of your workplace includes someone annoying, there’s no picking and choosing; you’ve got to stick it out. (Not that we are all perfect.) But there […]

Bad Boss Spotting

2June 2015

(Or Not Running Into One In The First Place) The sheer fact that bad bosses have spawned a movie franchise speaks to their pervasiveness. It’s not surprising – so much of your well-being depends on the person you work for. A good manager will help you thrive and bring out the best in you. A […]

Sharp Wit As A “Weapon” of Success

18April 2015

There’s a saying (whose author, unfortunately, is unknown): “Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.” Not only survival, I’d argue – every “success kit” should necessarily include it as well. There’s a reason why motivational speakers start with a joke or a humorous anecdote — it captures the audience’s attention, lightens the mood, […]

Are You In Danger Of Becoming An Office Tyrant?

7March 2015

Your Own Employees Can Help   Bad bosses seem to be ubiquitous—employees’ surveys keep pointing that way. There are, though, few truly incorrigible office tyrants—most bad bosses behave badly episodically. When under stress or frustrated, many bosses—just like most humans—aren’t on their best behavior. Overwhelming stress can turn a suave charmer into an angry beast […]